About Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc.

One Man's Vision... An Investment in the Future

Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc. was created in 1938 through the Will of Claud Adkins Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia. He was the founder and for twenty-five years president of predecessor companies that developed the internationally known Royal Crown Cola. Mr. Hatcher was vitally interested in his fellowman and considered education to be a prime requisite for intelligent men and women. It was his desire to see people develop into responsible citizens and leaders in their communities and their country.

In keeping with Mr. Hatcher's Will, a trust fund was created and named the "Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund" in memory of DeWitt Clinton Pickett, a business associate of the benefactor. Believing that "We derive the most value from that which we ourselves have earned", Mr. Hatcher stipulated in his Will that a substantial portion of the money from his estate be loaned to deserving students to attend college who otherwise could not afford to do so. The money loaned creates a revolving fund so that as loans are repaid the principal and interest can again be made available to other students to obtain a college education.

Today, the Fund operates as a private foundation with a Board of Directors serving in a fiduciary capacity. However, the legacy left by Mr. Hatcher belongs to deserving students of the present and future. These recipients are beneficiaries who receive not only the opportunity to attend the college or university of their choice, but a trust to use the funds and return them for the benefit of others. 

Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund is a private, nonprofit, noncommercial foundation helping college students through private student loans since 1938.

Board of Directors

Margaret G. Zollo, Chairman

Anne H. Mathews, Secretary

Frank D. Brown, Ph.D.

Donna S. Hand

Walter W. Calhoun

W. Bryan Hardegree, III

H. Lev Norman